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The Benefits Of Mobile Work Report Forms For Contractors

Posted by Thomas Date: April 3, 2017

There are many benefits to using contractors and subcontractors for large-scale projects. Hiring responsible contractors and allowing them to handle the minutia is an essential skill for a business looking to minimize their costs and maximize their performance. However, it can be difficult to keep track of paperwork when dealing with this many parties. Therefore, many of the top firms have switched to using digital work report forms. This work form app allows firms to gather time sheets and track contractor hours in a cloud-based storage platform. The app can track billing for different clients, manage overtime hours and scheduling, and generate automated reports about key business metrics.

Tracking Time Sheets and More

Using a mobile form app to collect time sheets from contractors eliminates several annoyances of using paper time sheets. These digital time sheets can be edited by contractors from mobile and desktop, allowing them to keep accurate records for all work completed. Additionally, these digital work forms allow you to track work done for each client and monitor expenditures.

A mobile form app also allows workers to track their work times, sick days and other benefits all in one streamlined platforms. This reduces burden on human resources staff, freeing up their time for more value adding activities. Automated reports and tracking features allow management to make sure that key goals are met and problems are proactively resolved before a deadline is missed.

Automation Reduces Costs

The modern marketplace is incredibly competitive, and firms are looking for ways to reduce their costs while meeting performance standards. Technology firms and big data have helped us quantitively assess every aspect of our jobs, and there are big savings that can be realized by optimizing an employee’s work day. When spread across an entire divisions of employees in a world-wide corporation, the savings can add up to millions. Fedex tracks their drivers with GPS and other sensors, and this has allowed them to improve worker efficiency and deliver more packages per hour.

Fedex is a model of efficiency, and their success can be attributed to the rampant use of automation and computer monitoring. By implementing a mobile form app to track contractor progress, firms are taking one small step towards automating their processes and profiting from their extra free time. Say good bye to lost time sheets, overworked human resources staff, and late reports from contractors. Implementing a contractor work form app will allow a business to efficiently and effectively complete projects, bill clients and grow their bottom line. Learn more information at the ProntoForms website.

Why the Secure Hybrid Cloud Matters to Canada

Posted by Thomas Date: January 7, 2017

The need for secure hybrid cloud adoption in Canada can be explained with just two words: Big Data.

In late 2016, Simon Fraser University in British Columbia announced the appointment of Professor Fred Popovich as the new director of the Big Data Initiative at the School of Computing Science. Director Popovich is a former president of the Canadian Network for Visual Analytics, and he believes that Big Data has a lot to offer beyond the university.

Popovich believes that Canadian society cannot afford to ignore the potential of Big Data. His personal interests in the disciplines of cognitive science and linguistics illustrate how he intends to approach Big Data during his tenure at Simon Fraser University. Professor Popovich wants the Big Data Initiative to provide a platform that the university and the community can use seamlessly. The idea is to increase the computing capacity in the campus so that it can capture, store and serve data from all users and provide real-time data services to anyone who may need them.

Transforming Canadian Research

The foremost clients of the Big Data Initiative at Simon Fraser University will be researchers. The initiative intends to facilitate data clusters that can be tapped into by research teams through the existing digital infrastructure.

In October 2016, the university introduced the new Digital Humanities Innovation Lab, which presents Big Data through applications such as Tableau. With this visualization platform, researchers in fields such as History, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology can conduct interdisciplinary studies. For example, a podcast on French Studies can explain how novelists create works that incorporate elements of various disciplines and how they relate to human interaction.

Big Data and Security

In the case of Simon Fraser University, the Big Data Initiative can be hosted and contained in servers located on campus. Since they will contain academic research, the security measures will differ from those in other sectors such as business and government.

Although many Canadian cloud providers offer Big Data storage and hosting, not all organizations will be able to move their information to public clouds. Government agencies, contractors, law firms, and clinics are some examples of business entities that will be subject to data compliance requirements.

Since October 2017, tech giant IBM started offering Cloud Object Storage solutions that include secure hybrid clouds in Canada. These platforms allow business organizations to host their own cloud servers for the purpose of complying with provincial and federal regulations.

With secure hybrid cloud systems, Canadian organizations can host their own Big Data solutions without having to worry about their information being stored in public clouds. This will motivate more companies to leverage the benefits of Big Data in a similar fashion to the Bif Data Initiative being developed by Simon Frasier University. If you would like to learn more, the Carbon60 Networks blog is a helpful source for information.

How Drone Technology Promises to Revolutionize the World

Posted by Thomas Date: August 28, 2016

The advent of the modern drone promises changes across all industries. From visual effects and film to package delivery and agriculture, the possibilities are endless. The applications for drone-usage will only grow as widespread acceptance increases and users worldwide experience the benefits drones have to offer.

Film and Reporting

When it comes to the film and journalism, the drone is a valuable tool. By flying overhead, video technicians can obtain overhead shots on a budget without hiring an expensive helicopter or resorting to stock footage. However, this technology isn’t just for the creative directors of the world. Reporters will also come to rely on this technology, as it provides a means of capturing aerial footage at a reduced cost. Clearly, drones change the way we approach video, as both an art and a tool.

Visual effects and Video Games

Photogrammetry is a powerful technique in which artists translate a real-world object into a computerized 3D model. They can then use this 3D digital copy in video games, special effects, animation, and more. The hard part about creating a 3D model of something is that it requires photos of that object from all angles. Luckily, drones can help alleviate the stresses of this project, especially with large structures. Professionals in these industries are already using drones to create 3D copies of real-world objects and landscapes for games, simulations, and presentations.


It’s no surprise that drones are revolutionizing the way we deliver packages. Many major vendors already provide the option of delivery-by-drone to select areas and consumers. It’s more efficient and only promises to become a worldwide success for anything from pizza delivery to online retail.

Real Estate

One of the most difficult tasks of selling homes is accurately showing off the building and surrounding land. Providing aerial footage can make a huge difference in whether or not potential buyers want to visit the property. Real estate agents typically provide overhead video by hiring expensive helicopters, if they can afford it. For smaller-scale operations, obtaining footage by drone is a more affordable means of advertising homes to potential clients.


For farmers with a lot of land, keeping track of problems is a time-intensive process. Whether looking for lost sheep or checking for signs of drought across acres of crops, drone technology offers a cost-effective solution. Farmers could conduct faster surveys of their property without wasting time or energy physically searching the land. This is especially true for environments that are difficult to traverse by foot, horse or tractor. Overall, drones promise to make big changes in the agriculture industry.

How To Improve Your Windows 8 Experience

Posted by Thomas Date: August 19, 2016

Windows 8 continues to power millions of computers, testifying to its stability and ease of use. When you buy Windows 8, you’ll find out that practically every popular application runs on the operating system. Millions of workers have experience working in the Windows 8 environment, making it one of the most common operating systems currently in use. Regardless of whether you have years of experience with the operating system or have just now begun using it, you can use the following steps to improve your Windows 8 experience.

Increase Keyboard Use with Shortcuts

Windows 8 has dozens of shortcuts that help you spend more time working and less time reaching for a mouse or to touch the screen. You can do almost everything you need in Windows 8 without moving your hands from the keyboard, including shutting down your machine or launching applications. Search for shortcuts in the Windows 8 Help section to learn how you can save time and work smarter using keyboard shortcuts.

Exercise Patience with Features

No matter why you chose to buy Windows 8, you’ll need some time to learn how it works. The interface might seem foreign to you if you’ve changed from Mac to Windows or upgraded from an older version of Windows. Some people changing jobs or restoring an old computer might have to adjust from a newer version of Windows. Don’t expect to learn everything about your operating system in a single day. Exercise patience, and you’ll quickly find out how to make Windows 8 work for you.

Explore Advanced Features

Most computer users leave many Windows 8 features untapped, so you can distinguish yourself by uncovering its advanced features. Start with Task Manager, File Explorer and Control Panel and then delve deeper by discovering tools such as the Group Policy Editor and other utilities that make the operating system look and behave the way you want.

Add Utilities to the Mix

Microsoft has published a set of Windows 8 Power Toys that you can download from its website that increases your control over the operating system. You can also search the Internet for third-party utilities that simplify the way Windows 8 works. The operating system has existed for a long time now, giving software developers a chance to create amazing add-ons that make Windows stronger than ever.

Your decision to buy Windows 8 doesn’t mean that you lose any functionality or power. Spend some time learning its core and advanced features and keyboard shortcuts to help you work quickly and efficiently. Get some utilities and add-ons to make the operating system look and feel they way you want and patiently learn all the amazing things Windows 8 has to offer. Before long, you’ll realize that Windows 8 has everything you need for work and personal productivity.

How Remote Support Software Can Improve Productivity

Posted by Thomas Date: August 4, 2016

Organizations that have in-house IT departments face the challenge of making that service cost-effective. A core principle of IT governance is that support services should pay for themselves, but it’s very easy for the IT needs of a growing company to spiral out of control. With that in mind, let’s consider how remote support software can help avoid that problem by increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Less Travel TimeAs the IT needs of an organization grow, so does travel time, and this refers to vehicle travel but also the time it takes for an IT professional to walk to the office that needs help within the same building. In either case, this is wasted time, and helpdesk software can help eliminate it by letting the IT professional provide most support from his or her own desk.

Less Manpower

In this manner, helpdesk software reduces the need for manpower as well. The IT professional who can provide support via remote support software may be able to do the work of three, five or even more IT support specialists who have to travel to provide that help. This means that you can focus on staffing the best IT support professionals possible and even paying them more in order to ensure high retention.

Help Available Within Seconds

The employees and vendors who need assistance now get it as soon as possible thanks to the immediacy of helpdesk software. Without software, these people have to wait, and that means being unproductive or at least shifting focus to work that they wouldn’t otherwise prioritize.

Around-the-Clock Assistance

Another challenge that growing businesses face is providing support to employees when they need it. A small organization can’t likely afford IT staff late on a Friday night just in case someone needs it, but when that case arises, not having that support will result in loss of productivity. With remote support software, a common solution IT departments use to combat this problem is having on-call staff that can provide the needed support from their homes or other locations.


Software can also be used to identify trends. Consider a similar UI problem that continues to crop up across a range of employees. In some cases, it may be mean that a change to the UI can solve the problem. In other cases, the IT team can create automated solutions, canned responses and so forth that let them handle common problems with minimum expenditure of time and other resources.

Javelin PRO Dual Sided Badge Maker Profile

Posted by Thomas Date: July 19, 2016

If you run any kind of business, then you know just how critical it is to provide all of your employees with dependable ways to identify themselves. That’s why it can be so genius to invest in a reliable and effective badge maker. The Javelin PRO Dual Sided Badge Maker can make a superb choice for businesses that need to make badges for their workers. This badge maker gives employees the chance to produce as many badges as they want, whenever they want. The ability to make badges can be a strong security measure for businesses as well. The easier it is for a business to gain access to badges for new hires, the easier it can be for it keep potential trespassers far away. If you’re a business owner, supervisor or manager who wants to be able to make as many name tags and ID badges as you need, a reliable ID badge printer is absolutely imperative.

Basic Printer Details

The Javelin PRO Dual Sided Badge Printer, as its name indicates, is capable of printing on two sides. Although there are also single sided Javelin PRO ID card printer options available, dual sided benefits can be highly advantageous. If you want the freedom of being able to print on two sides, this device can be a source of major convenience and ease. If you for whatever reason only need to print on a single side, this printer gives you the ability to do that as well. This printer prints in full colour and therefore is vital for businesses that want their company badges to be clear, vibrant and easy to see. It also offers WiFi printing benefits. People should be aware of printing techniques prior to using any printers. This printer offers both colour (dye sublimation) and mono (thermal transfer) options.

Helpful Security Components And Beyond

Security components can do wonders for businesses that want to keep their equipment safe and sound at all times. If you make the decision to invest in this convenient badge printer, you can tack on a cover lock if you want. A cover lock can be helpful for preventing others from getting access to the printer when you’re not around. You can also add on a hopper lock that can defend the product’s input hopper. This type of lock can also be an asset for people who want to keep potential tampering at bay. If you want to keep others’ hands off your badge printer when you’re not available to supervise them, these additional features can be extremely convenient. This Javelin PRO printer is appropriate for Server 2003 and 2008, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 7 and Vista. You can find additional resources by visiting Avon Security Products.

How Hospitals Can Benefit From Indoor Positioning Technology

Posted by Thomas Date: July 8, 2016

Locating systems have become an integral part of many Canadian facilities. GPS signals are not effective indoors, but various systems have evolved to provide the same functionality for indoor navigation. Tracking people and objects has many benefits to the healthcare industry. The key to successful indoor systems is choosing the technology and application that best suits specific environments.

🏥 Systems for Healthcare

In a typical indoor positioning system, location sensors identify RFID tags and communicate with the location software to locate a particular tag. These RFIDs can be embedded in employee badges or permanently affixed to mobile equipment. A number of different software applications can receive data from the location software to display real-time locations of all or particular tags. In very large facilities, different location engines can be synchronized to create a comprehensive area of coverage.

This can have simple uses such as locating a certain piece of equipment to monitoring the activities of nursing staff or directing visitors or contractors as a GPS for indoors. Badges or tags can be assigned temporarily or permanently to track and provide data used to regulate admissions, discharges, medical records, bed management, and a wide range of other applications to improve workflow of both objects and people, leading to better efficiency, equipment and supply management.

🏥 Interactive Systems for People

Tags can also be outfitted with push (call) buttons for emergency response. When a call button is pushed the location software can raise an alert that also provides the location of the person who triggered it.

Fixed location sensors can also be set up with buzzers. Occasionally an ID badge is lost by a patient, or a patient or visitor may wander into a restricted area. Location sensors can detect the badge signal (or lack of one) and send an alert to a central station. Badges that are lost or stolen can also be tracked on premises using virtual indoor maps.

🏥 Equipment Tags

When affixed to equipment they can also be used to toggle status, such as bed occupied/unoccupied or MRI scanner ready/malfunctioning.

Any number of sensors may also be incorporated into tags or strategically placed to provide data about the surrounding environment, such as proper operating temperature, or humidity level.

Fixed tags and sensors can connect equipment to digital networks to store ongoing data for day-to-day monitoring of human traffic and device usage that can be used to analyze traffic and efficiency, thus helping to reduce costs and improve patient care.

With the scalability and flexibility of indoor navigation technologies, facilities from small clinics to major hospitals throughout Canada can take advantage of these systems to monitor valuable equipment, patient alerts, and staff movements in both routine and emergency conditions.

How To Find The Right Real Estate CRM Software

Posted by Thomas Date: July 2, 2016

People in the real estate business have numerous options when it comes to computerized real estate contact management. You have real estate CRM options that can be provided as software as a service and others that can run on a local workstation in your office. With that in mind, let’s consider questions to which the answers will help you find the right real estate CRM software for your purposes.

home-purple-circle Does the CRM Software Support My Lead Source?

Perhaps the most important questions are where you get the bulk of your leads and whether the real estate CRM solution you’re considering supports that source or those sources. Some of the most sophisticated platforms support many different lead sources and even have modules available that you can plug and play in order to personalize your system. Be mindful that if you generate many leads from an unsupported source, then you may have to do a substantial amount of manual data entry.

home-purple-circle Do I Collaborate or Work Alone?

Some real estate contact management systems are small in scale and intended for a single user. This approach can save you a considerable amount of money if it suits your circumstances. If you’re part of a team, then you not only require real estate CRM software that supports multiple people but one that supports collaboration so that data can be edited by multiple users at the same time. To learn more about real estate CRM software, you may want to visit IXACT Contact for additional resources.

home-purple-circle How Is My Technical Aptitude and Ambition?

Even the most sophisticated real estate CRM solutions have user-friendly UIs these days, but what you need to consider is the power under the hood. If you’re a lone agent with basic computer skills, then a small-scale real estate contact management platform may be your best bet. If you want a system you can continue to customize to your purposes and you have IT support or the will to learn yourself, then the extra cost of the feature-rich real estate CRM software should pay great dividends over time.

home-purple-circle Does the Software Support Redundancy, Remote Access and My Particular Devices?

If you choose a local-only solution, you have to worry about backing up your data. A system that supports that cloud may be preferable since redundancy can be automated and multi-tiered. If you’re on the go a lot, which many real estate professionals are, then remote access is a big help because it lets you access the system while traveling or on-site. You should also favor open device support so that you can access the system with whatever brand and model of smartphone or tablet you own.

How restaurant managers rely on Microsoft Office 2007

Posted by Thomas Date: June 22, 2016

Restaurant managers are busy people. From ensuring that the food is consistently of high quality to keeping track of employee performance and getting involved in the hiring process, it isn’t always easy. When it comes to things like keeping track of money and hiring a graphic designer for promotional purposes, it’s important to stay organized. Luckily Microsoft Office 2007 helps with everything. It’s an invaluable software package and provides users with the ability to draft documents, create spreadsheets, write emails, and more.

Money and supplies
Keeping track of money is the most important part of running a business. From supply costs and taxes to projected profits and employee wages, it can get complicated. Luckily, Microsoft Excel makes it incredibly easy to maintain an organized spreadsheet of budgets for all purposes. Users can simply set up columns and rows for things like daily business expenditures, number of meals served, profit earned, and more. Excel’s spreadsheet functionality also makes it easy to keep track of stocks and maintain an accurate record of supplies. Restaurant managers can avoid panicking last-minute as they remember it’s time to order another shipment of pancake mix or refreshments. Excel keeps everything organized.

Employee Management
Microsoft Excel wins again when it comes to keeping track of employees’ hours. Restaurant managers can easily record those hours in an easy-to-read spreadsheet. It’s easier than ever to maintain a digital copy of important business records when restaurant managers buy Microsoft Office 2007. Microsoft Outlook also makes it easy to communicate with employees. A professional email service, it offers search tools and keyboard shortcuts as well as a highly functional and integrated calendar. It’s easy to work with employees when restaurant managers buy Microsoft Office 2007.

When it comes to the restaurant industry, it’s not only the tasty food and quality service that matters. It’s important to have a well-designed website, menu and logo, which can only be realistically obtained by hiring a professional. When working with a graphic designer, it’s important that restaurant managers provide all the necessary information. With Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, it’s easy to draft and export an informative design brief for designers. From information about menu items to specifications about required deliverables, restaurant managers can communicate with their designers about anything when they buy Microsoft Office 2007.

Restaurant managers can have a tough time keeping track of everything in their busy jobs. There’s no easier software package to take care of the details of running a business than Microsoft Office 2007. It helps with budgeting, keeping track of supplies, hiring employees, and more. It’s the best tool for organizing and managing a business!

Improve Efficiency With IT Management Software

Posted by Thomas Date: June 15, 2016

IT Management

From routine server upkeep to software issues like patch management, the right IT management software can be a key asset for departments, organizations and businesses seeking to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Software and applications that may allow for remote monitoring and management offer an effective way to reduce staffing costs and overhead expenses without increasing the risk of IT issues that may interfere with day to day operations. Software able to provide more flexible access to the digital infrastructure businesses rely on and applications that can be used to streamline IT workflow processes may make a bigger difference than many businesses might realize.

Staying On Top of Both Hardware and Software Issues

Server maintenance is absolutely essential for ensuring employees, staff and associates are provided with a more dependable digital working environment. Even minor issues can often bottleneck day to day operations or lead to costly delays. IT management software that utilizes remote monitoring and management features may allow IT professionals to better manage servers, systems and other equipment while simplifying patch management and ensuring that software-relates issues and concerns are less likely to create problems.

Making the Most of Limited Staff

IT management software can be of tremendous benefit to smaller businesses, new startups and organizations that may lack the financial resources needed to maintain a larger on-site IT staff or department. Applications that make remote monitoring and management efforts possible can help optimize the efforts of smaller departments and off-site professionals. Providing smaller departments or a limited staff with the tools they need to tackle larger projects can provide businesses with a more efficient and cost-effective way to address the IT issues and technical problems that crop up from time to time.

Keeping Software Up to Date

Issues like patch management, software updates and ensuring that all software licences are kept up to date can involve considerable time and effort. Using IT management software to automate the process helps to reduce the likelihood of the numerous problems that may be caused by out of date software or licence agreements that have been poorly maintained. From security threats to users who are unable to access licensed software that may play a crucial role in special projects or daily operations, automated software management solutions are often a critical asset for businesses seeking to improve overall efficiency within the workplace.
Choosing the Best Software

With numerous applications and software choices available, businesses would bee wise to seek out resources better suited to their individual needs. Key features, such as patch management or remote monitoring and system management should be considered carefully before making any software purchases. Investing in the right application can help streamline routine server maintenance or reduce the need to hire additional staff.

The Improvements Found In Microsoft Office 2010

Posted by Thomas Date: June 8, 2016

Microsoft Office 2010

Many people are accustomed to using older versions of PowerPoint, Outlook, Word and Excel. Whether you are using the professional or personal use version, you are likely to rely on the suite of applications for a number of tasks. Microsoft Office 2010 has many improvements that can enhance your computer activities. You can buy Microsoft Office 2010 at your local office supply store or online.


Microsoft Office 2010 Improvements

The Microsoft suite of products is highly popular with people of all ages. The 2010 updates are minor but incredibly useful and easy to learn. The biggest change to the Office 2010 interface is the introduction of the Backstage. There is no longer a File menu that opens a task. You will find a File tab that takes you to a new portion of the interface. There is a higher level of security in Office 2010 that blocks certain types of documents. You can open these documents but only in Protected View. This means the documents cannot be edited unless you change the options in the Backstage area.


Microsoft Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 has an updated interface that brings it back in line with the rest of the Office suites. New for 2010 is Social Connector that allows you to import social network contacts into Outlook where you can have information available for emails. Office 2010 also supports the largest social network sites by downloading the software.


Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 has grown from a simple tool to a comprehensive program that allows you to create a wide variety of documents such as a PDF file. Companies that use the same type of information over and over on documents find the Quick Part button useful and it saves a lot of time. It can save information on its interface where you can bring it up again by opening Building Block. Word 2010 also has an improved document search.


Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Many business people and students rely heavily on PowerPoint for their presentations in meetings. There is a new Transitions Tab that is more sophisticated and offers two tabs devoted to animations. Transitions in PowerPoint work like a video editor. Open the tab and you will find a wide variety of options and transitions.


Microsoft Excel 2010

Excel has been a favorite of users for over two decades. There are new functions that make creating graphics easier than the 2007 version. Excel 2010 allows you to save time with large spreadsheets by grouping sheets together. Grouping allows you to reproduce the formatting over a long period of time. Overall, Microsoft 2010 Office offers improvements that are extremely user-friendly for novices or experts to create a wide variety of documents.

Looming Information Technology Blackout in Canada

Posted by Thomas Date: May 31, 2016

Internet Blackout

Canadians have a reason to worry; they are staring at an imminent danger of an Information Technology blackout. The Canadian blackout will result from slow IPv6 adoption after the exhaustion of IPv4 protocols. A recent ranking of countries about the adoption of IPv6 by placed Canada at position 22. According to this ranking, Canada had an estimated IPv6 adoption rate of 5.6 percent which is way too small for a country such as Canada.

Belgium was ranked first in the adoption of the new generation internet protocol at 41.8 percent. A survey conducted by CiscoCanada shows that Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Germany, and France which Canada competes with technologically all have better ranking an indication that they are several steps ahead in the adoption of the IPv6.


Why Canada is lagging behind in embracing IPv6

There is no any substantial justification for the slow adoption of IPv6 in Canada. As a nation, Canada has the resources needed to embrace this new protocol. Authorities in Canada are simply not taking this issue with the urgency it deserves. As a nation, they are not pushing Canadian Internet Service Providers (ISPs’) to adopt this new protocol and giving them a purpose to do so. Lack of seriousness by these authorities on this matter puts the whole of Canada in grave danger once the IPv4 is entirely exhausted.


Implications for Canada

At this point of exhaustion, there will be a rush by ISP’s from different nations to adopt the new Internet protocol, and a gridlock is likely to arise. The gridlock may take days, weeks of months and Canada will be caught right in the middle of it. During this period, there will be numerous communication challenges in Canada. Many computerized functions of the state, as well as private entities, will be compromised if Canada fails to achieve at least 80% IPv6 adoption by the time IPv4 expires. Computerized security systems will not be left out either by the blackout. In these times when national and global security is under great threat from terrorism, such a hitch would be fatal. Terrorists could take advantage of the loopholes created by the Information Technology blackout to strike Canada.


The way forward for Canada

Since it is difficult to estimate the damage that may emanate from system hitches due to Exhaustion of IPv4 in Canada, there is the need for prompt action.The move to IPv6 needs to be taken more seriousness for it is the only way out of this anticipated Information Technology mess. Institutions such as the Canadian Internet Registry Authority (CIRA), CANARIE, and Viagenie need to take IPv6 adoption as a matter of urgency. These institutions should work hand in hand with other private and public sector entities to ensure that this next generation protocol is adopted. They also need to liaise with Canadian ISPs’ and draft a strategic plan for the adoption of IPv6. This is the only way Canada will escape the looming IT blackout.


By 2016, Almost 8 Billion Devices Will be IPv6-Compatible

Four Tools to Help Get Your Security Guards Ready

Posted by Thomas Date: May 26, 2016

Security Guard Tips

While security guards receive training, the companies that hire them are ultimately responsible for their actions. As a result, managers need to ensure that their security guards are effectively supplied to work efficiently. Here are four tool you’ll want to supply to all of your security guards.

Mini First Aid Kits
Security guards aren’t paramedics, and they can only provided limited medical care. However, security guards are often the first to find people in need of care, and a few simple tools can ensure that they’ll be able to provide effective aid. Mini first aid kits enable security guards to render basic aid while medical professionals are en route, and these kits require little training to be used effectively.

Security Guard Software
Security guard management software is playing an increasingly critical role in the field as it benefits security guards, security guard managers. and the clients who hire them. Security guard tracking tools help you keep your security guards on track and working effectively, and incident management systems let security guards file reports quickly and accurately. They let your guards impress your clients by making information easy to access. Security guard management software also helps guards communicate effectively, making them feel more confident while on the job.

Security Guard Belts
While standard utility belts are fine for most tasks, belts designed specifically for security guards can ensure that your employees are properly equipped at all times. These belts also provide excellent durability, so investing can lead to saved money over time compared to general utility belts. Sticking to one belt type ensures that your security guards know where everything is located in an instant, which can help them respond quickly when needed.

Digital Cameras
Digital cameras are more convenient than ever before, but security guards are sometimes forced to use outdated models. Make sure you arm your employees with accurate cameras that are easy to use in the dark and that take accurate pictures in all lighting conditions. Don’t accept the idea that smartphone cameras are sufficient, as even the best smartphone cameras pale in comparison to single-purpose digital cameras. One of the benefits of standardizing on a camera is that your employees can switch to a backup model if needed without having to relearn how to use it, which is especially important in time-critical scenarios. Digital cameras can come handy but ideally body cameras can offer even more benefits.

The security field is in high demand, and companies that are able to provide excellent service are poised to benefit as demand increases. However, it’s important to make sure you’re properly arming your most valuable asset: your security guards.

How Is Site Inspection Software Used In The Utilities Industry

Posted by Thomas Date: May 26, 2016

Utilities Inspection Software

Site inspection software is widely used throughout the utilities industry in order to document safety efforts, record details pertaining to repair work and maintenance efforts as well as to log information regarding the usage and operational service life of equipment. For professionals performing a routine safety inspection software applications can reduce time, effort and labor as well as ensuring documents and records are created with greater accuracy and consistency. Greater numbers of utility providers and other organizations are providing their technicians and field personal with digital resources, software and applications in order to address a wide range of issues related to site safety.

Accurate and Efficient Documentation Detailing Potential Safety Hazards

There are numerous hazardous materials and potential safety issues found on-site throughout the utilities industry. From high-voltage cables to highly-flammable gasses and petroleum products and volatile chemicals found within working environments, organisations are often required to perform periodic site inspections and safety assessments to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Safety inspection software can ensure that all inspections are able to be thorough, accurate and as effective as possible by eliminating many of the issues associated with a traditional paper-based record system.
Automated Documentation of Maintenance and Repair Work

Work orders, maintenance logs and documentation related to repair work and upkeep is often essential for ensuring all equipment is able to be properly maintained. Site inspection software applications and other digital resources that ensure all relevant documentation is accurately created and easily accessed can help to ensure that maintenance logs do not become disorderly. Information detailing past maintenance efforts and any repair work performed on infrastructure and equipment can be a critical asset when it comes to identifying and addressing any problems that may crop up from time to time.
Detailed Record Keeping for Equipment Logs

Failing to replace equipment and components that have a set or established service life can lead to many serious problems. Site inspection software offers a faster and more accurate way to record the details of any equipment currently being utilized and can provide automated reminders when components near the end of their operational lifespan. Safety inspection software and digital applications that may be used in order to track and record information regarding all components, systems and equipment being used can significantly decrease the risk of oversights that may result in a potential safety issue.
Selecting the Right Site Inspection Software

There are a wide range of options for site and safety inspection software that are currently available. Organisations, utility providers and even industry professionals would be wise to seek out software applications that provide the features and level of performance best suited to their current and future needs. Assessing the effectiveness of a current inspection process is often the first step in determining which resources and applications may be of greater benefit.

Why You Should Upgrade To Windows 7

Posted by Thomas Date: April 8, 2016

Windows 7

The reason you should buy Windows 7 profession is quite clear since it is a complete software you will ever enjoy. Despite the release of newer systems, they seem to have failed to take all the necessary considerations that should be taken to make sure that the system is entirely satisfactory to the customers and functionally efficient.

Microsoft keeps upgrading their systems to different versions. For instance, Windows systems have seen the progressive transition from windows XP, windows 7, windows 8, 8.1 and the latest Windows 10. It is possible to conclude that upgrade in software matches with increased users since the number of features keep on rising but it is not the case. Many windows system users have remained loyal to an older system despite the presence of better versions. There are migrated to Windows 8 after the software arrived, but majority migrated back to their regular software version of Windows system.


1. User Interface

The main reason that individuals and enterprises are remaining loyal to the old Windows seven system is that of user-centered design with which it was created. User-centered design implies that the software had taken a significant consideration of the system user to offer comfort and ease with which they can access their personal computer applications. The newly released systems seem to have neglected the users during design making them uncomfortable using them.


2. Familiarity

The system remains the benchmark to another new version of Windows because of the relatively understandable user interface. It is possible to know where to find things including the results. The users are also familiar working with the system and understands the oddities of Task Manager, Windows Explorer, and Control Panel.


Familiarity is, therefore, an asset and the reason why clients should purchase Windows 7 professional. Using the new version of windows such as 10 will make you feel abandoned and confused. The users claim that it is not possible to locate items. For instance, some customers argued that it was not possible to search for a file or an app when Windows 8 was introduced since you had to press the start button and then a massive full start screen would appear and seemed to make no sense.


3. Stability and compatibility

Some customers still claim that new is not always better. That’s the reason clients should still buy an old system is because it has the most stable platform. The new versions of Windows seem to be hastily released without enough design considerations. It is the reason that Microsoft Company keeps on releasing updates to improve on the features that were not carefully considered. For example, after Microsoft realized that the start button has challenged to users, the newly released Windows has tried to imitate the old version start button. There are also challenges when migrating to the new Windows systems because old programs are not compatible with the new window. This makes the users reluctant in migrating to the new windows because they fear they might lose some crucial documents and applications.