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How To Improve Your Windows 8 Experience

Posted by Thomas Date: August 19, 2016

Windows 8 continues to power millions of computers, testifying to its stability and ease of use. When you buy Windows 8, you’ll find out that practically every popular application runs on the operating system. Millions of workers have experience working in the Windows 8 environment, making it one of the most common operating systems currently in use. Regardless of whether you have years of experience with the operating system or have just now begun using it, you can use the following steps to improve your Windows 8 experience.

Increase Keyboard Use with Shortcuts

Windows 8 has dozens of shortcuts that help you spend more time working and less time reaching for a mouse or to touch the screen. You can do almost everything you need in Windows 8 without moving your hands from the keyboard, including shutting down your machine or launching applications. Search for shortcuts in the Windows 8 Help section to learn how you can save time and work smarter using keyboard shortcuts.

Exercise Patience with Features

No matter why you chose to buy Windows 8, you’ll need some time to learn how it works. The interface might seem foreign to you if you’ve changed from Mac to Windows or upgraded from an older version of Windows. Some people changing jobs or restoring an old computer might have to adjust from a newer version of Windows. Don’t expect to learn everything about your operating system in a single day. Exercise patience, and you’ll quickly find out how to make Windows 8 work for you.

Explore Advanced Features

Most computer users leave many Windows 8 features untapped, so you can distinguish yourself by uncovering its advanced features. Start with Task Manager, File Explorer and Control Panel and then delve deeper by discovering tools such as the Group Policy Editor and other utilities that make the operating system look and behave the way you want.

Add Utilities to the Mix

Microsoft has published a set of Windows 8 Power Toys that you can download from its website that increases your control over the operating system. You can also search the Internet for third-party utilities that simplify the way Windows 8 works. The operating system has existed for a long time now, giving software developers a chance to create amazing add-ons that make Windows stronger than ever.

Your decision to buy Windows 8 doesn’t mean that you lose any functionality or power. Spend some time learning its core and advanced features and keyboard shortcuts to help you work quickly and efficiently. Get some utilities and add-ons to make the operating system look and feel they way you want and patiently learn all the amazing things Windows 8 has to offer. Before long, you’ll realize that Windows 8 has everything you need for work and personal productivity.

How restaurant managers rely on Microsoft Office 2007

Posted by Thomas Date: June 22, 2016

Restaurant managers are busy people. From ensuring that the food is consistently of high quality to keeping track of employee performance and getting involved in the hiring process, it isn’t always easy. When it comes to things like keeping track of money and hiring a graphic designer for promotional purposes, it’s important to stay organized. Luckily Microsoft Office 2007 helps with everything. It’s an invaluable software package and provides users with the ability to draft documents, create spreadsheets, write emails, and more.

Money and supplies
Keeping track of money is the most important part of running a business. From supply costs and taxes to projected profits and employee wages, it can get complicated. Luckily, Microsoft Excel makes it incredibly easy to maintain an organized spreadsheet of budgets for all purposes. Users can simply set up columns and rows for things like daily business expenditures, number of meals served, profit earned, and more. Excel’s spreadsheet functionality also makes it easy to keep track of stocks and maintain an accurate record of supplies. Restaurant managers can avoid panicking last-minute as they remember it’s time to order another shipment of pancake mix or refreshments. Excel keeps everything organized.

Employee Management
Microsoft Excel wins again when it comes to keeping track of employees’ hours. Restaurant managers can easily record those hours in an easy-to-read spreadsheet. It’s easier than ever to maintain a digital copy of important business records when restaurant managers buy Microsoft Office 2007. Microsoft Outlook also makes it easy to communicate with employees. A professional email service, it offers search tools and keyboard shortcuts as well as a highly functional and integrated calendar. It’s easy to work with employees when restaurant managers buy Microsoft Office 2007.

When it comes to the restaurant industry, it’s not only the tasty food and quality service that matters. It’s important to have a well-designed website, menu and logo, which can only be realistically obtained by hiring a professional. When working with a graphic designer, it’s important that restaurant managers provide all the necessary information. With Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, it’s easy to draft and export an informative design brief for designers. From information about menu items to specifications about required deliverables, restaurant managers can communicate with their designers about anything when they buy Microsoft Office 2007.

Restaurant managers can have a tough time keeping track of everything in their busy jobs. There’s no easier software package to take care of the details of running a business than Microsoft Office 2007. It helps with budgeting, keeping track of supplies, hiring employees, and more. It’s the best tool for organizing and managing a business!

The Improvements Found In Microsoft Office 2010

Posted by Thomas Date: June 8, 2016

Microsoft Office 2010

Many people are accustomed to using older versions of PowerPoint, Outlook, Word and Excel. Whether you are using the professional or personal use version, you are likely to rely on the suite of applications for a number of tasks. Microsoft Office 2010 has many improvements that can enhance your computer activities. You can buy Microsoft Office 2010 at your local office supply store or online.


Microsoft Office 2010 Improvements

The Microsoft suite of products is highly popular with people of all ages. The 2010 updates are minor but incredibly useful and easy to learn. The biggest change to the Office 2010 interface is the introduction of the Backstage. There is no longer a File menu that opens a task. You will find a File tab that takes you to a new portion of the interface. There is a higher level of security in Office 2010 that blocks certain types of documents. You can open these documents but only in Protected View. This means the documents cannot be edited unless you change the options in the Backstage area.


Microsoft Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 has an updated interface that brings it back in line with the rest of the Office suites. New for 2010 is Social Connector that allows you to import social network contacts into Outlook where you can have information available for emails. Office 2010 also supports the largest social network sites by downloading the software.


Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 has grown from a simple tool to a comprehensive program that allows you to create a wide variety of documents such as a PDF file. Companies that use the same type of information over and over on documents find the Quick Part button useful and it saves a lot of time. It can save information on its interface where you can bring it up again by opening Building Block. Word 2010 also has an improved document search.


Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Many business people and students rely heavily on PowerPoint for their presentations in meetings. There is a new Transitions Tab that is more sophisticated and offers two tabs devoted to animations. Transitions in PowerPoint work like a video editor. Open the tab and you will find a wide variety of options and transitions.


Microsoft Excel 2010

Excel has been a favorite of users for over two decades. There are new functions that make creating graphics easier than the 2007 version. Excel 2010 allows you to save time with large spreadsheets by grouping sheets together. Grouping allows you to reproduce the formatting over a long period of time. Overall, Microsoft 2010 Office offers improvements that are extremely user-friendly for novices or experts to create a wide variety of documents.

Why You Should Upgrade To Windows 7

Posted by Thomas Date: April 8, 2016

Windows 7

The reason you should buy Windows 7 profession is quite clear since it is a complete software you will ever enjoy. Despite the release of newer systems, they seem to have failed to take all the necessary considerations that should be taken to make sure that the system is entirely satisfactory to the customers and functionally efficient.

Microsoft keeps upgrading their systems to different versions. For instance, Windows systems have seen the progressive transition from windows XP, windows 7, windows 8, 8.1 and the latest Windows 10. It is possible to conclude that upgrade in software matches with increased users since the number of features keep on rising but it is not the case. Many windows system users have remained loyal to an older system despite the presence of better versions. There are migrated to Windows 8 after the software arrived, but majority migrated back to their regular software version of Windows system.


1. User Interface

The main reason that individuals and enterprises are remaining loyal to the old Windows seven system is that of user-centered design with which it was created. User-centered design implies that the software had taken a significant consideration of the system user to offer comfort and ease with which they can access their personal computer applications. The newly released systems seem to have neglected the users during design making them uncomfortable using them.


2. Familiarity

The system remains the benchmark to another new version of Windows because of the relatively understandable user interface. It is possible to know where to find things including the results. The users are also familiar working with the system and understands the oddities of Task Manager, Windows Explorer, and Control Panel.


Familiarity is, therefore, an asset and the reason why clients should purchase Windows 7 professional. Using the new version of windows such as 10 will make you feel abandoned and confused. The users claim that it is not possible to locate items. For instance, some customers argued that it was not possible to search for a file or an app when Windows 8 was introduced since you had to press the start button and then a massive full start screen would appear and seemed to make no sense.


3. Stability and compatibility

Some customers still claim that new is not always better. That’s the reason clients should still buy an old system is because it has the most stable platform. The new versions of Windows seem to be hastily released without enough design considerations. It is the reason that Microsoft Company keeps on releasing updates to improve on the features that were not carefully considered. For example, after Microsoft realized that the start button has challenged to users, the newly released Windows has tried to imitate the old version start button. There are also challenges when migrating to the new Windows systems because old programs are not compatible with the new window. This makes the users reluctant in migrating to the new windows because they fear they might lose some crucial documents and applications.