Site inspection software is widely used throughout the utilities industry in order to document safety efforts, record details pertaining to repair work and maintenance efforts as well as to log information regarding the usage and operational service life of equipment. For professionals performing a routine safety inspection software applications can reduce time, effort and labor as well as ensuring documents and records are created with greater accuracy and consistency. Greater numbers of utility providers and other organizations are providing their technicians and field personal with digital resources, software and applications in order to address a wide range of issues related to site safety.

Accurate and Efficient Documentation Detailing Potential Safety Hazards

There are numerous hazardous materials and potential safety issues found on-site throughout the utilities industry. From high-voltage cables to highly-flammable gasses and petroleum products and volatile chemicals found within working environments, organisations are often required to perform periodic site inspections and safety assessments to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Safety inspection software can ensure that all inspections are able to be thorough, accurate and as effective as possible by eliminating many of the issues associated with a traditional paper-based record system.
Automated Documentation of Maintenance and Repair Work

Work orders, maintenance logs and documentation related to repair work and upkeep is often essential for ensuring all equipment is able to be properly maintained. Site inspection software applications and other digital resources that ensure all relevant documentation is accurately created and easily accessed can help to ensure that maintenance logs do not become disorderly. Information detailing past maintenance efforts and any repair work performed on infrastructure and equipment can be a critical asset when it comes to identifying and addressing any problems that may crop up from time to time.
Detailed Record Keeping for Equipment Logs

Failing to replace equipment and components that have a set or established service life can lead to many serious problems. Site inspection software offers a faster and more accurate way to record the details of any equipment currently being utilized and can provide automated reminders when components near the end of their operational lifespan. Safety inspection software and digital applications that may be used in order to track and record information regarding all components, systems and equipment being used can significantly decrease the risk of oversights that may result in a potential safety issue.
Selecting the Right Site Inspection Software

There are a wide range of options for site and safety inspection software that are currently available. Organisations, utility providers and even industry professionals would be wise to seek out software applications that provide the features and level of performance best suited to their current and future needs. Assessing the effectiveness of a current inspection process is often the first step in determining which resources and applications may be of greater benefit.