People in the real estate business have numerous options when it comes to computerized real estate contact management. You have real estate CRM options that can be provided as software as a service and others that can run on a local workstation in your office. With that in mind, let’s consider questions to which the answers will help you find the right real estate CRM software for your purposes.

home-purple-circle Does the CRM Software Support My Lead Source?

Perhaps the most important questions are where you get the bulk of your leads and whether the real estate CRM solution you’re considering supports that source or those sources. Some of the most sophisticated platforms support many different lead sources and even have modules available that you can plug and play in order to personalize your system. Be mindful that if you generate many leads from an unsupported source, then you may have to do a substantial amount of manual data entry.

home-purple-circle Do I Collaborate or Work Alone?

Some real estate contact management systems are small in scale and intended for a single user. This approach can save you a considerable amount of money if it suits your circumstances. If you’re part of a team, then you not only require real estate CRM software that supports multiple people but one that supports collaboration so that data can be edited by multiple users at the same time. To learn more about real estate CRM software, you may want to visit IXACT Contact for additional resources.

home-purple-circle How Is My Technical Aptitude and Ambition?

Even the most sophisticated real estate CRM solutions have user-friendly UIs these days, but what you need to consider is the power under the hood. If you’re a lone agent with basic computer skills, then a small-scale real estate contact management platform may be your best bet. If you want a system you can continue to customize to your purposes and you have IT support or the will to learn yourself, then the extra cost of the feature-rich real estate CRM software should pay great dividends over time.

home-purple-circle Does the Software Support Redundancy, Remote Access and My Particular Devices?

If you choose a local-only solution, you have to worry about backing up your data. A system that supports that cloud may be preferable since redundancy can be automated and multi-tiered. If you’re on the go a lot, which many real estate professionals are, then remote access is a big help because it lets you access the system while traveling or on-site. You should also favor open device support so that you can access the system with whatever brand and model of smartphone or tablet you own.