Windows 8 continues to power millions of computers, testifying to its stability and ease of use. When you buy Windows 8, you’ll find out that practically every popular application runs on the operating system. Millions of workers have experience working in the Windows 8 environment, making it one of the most common operating systems currently in use. Regardless of whether you have years of experience with the operating system or have just now begun using it, you can use the following steps to improve your Windows 8 experience.

Increase Keyboard Use with Shortcuts

Windows 8 has dozens of shortcuts that help you spend more time working and less time reaching for a mouse or to touch the screen. You can do almost everything you need in Windows 8 without moving your hands from the keyboard, including shutting down your machine or launching applications. Search for shortcuts in the Windows 8 Help section to learn how you can save time and work smarter using keyboard shortcuts.

Exercise Patience with Features

No matter why you chose to buy Windows 8, you’ll need some time to learn how it works. The interface might seem foreign to you if you’ve changed from Mac to Windows or upgraded from an older version of Windows. Some people changing jobs or restoring an old computer might have to adjust from a newer version of Windows. Don’t expect to learn everything about your operating system in a single day. Exercise patience, and you’ll quickly find out how to make Windows 8 work for you.

Explore Advanced Features

Most computer users leave many Windows 8 features untapped, so you can distinguish yourself by uncovering its advanced features. Start with Task Manager, File Explorer and Control Panel and then delve deeper by discovering tools such as the Group Policy Editor and other utilities that make the operating system look and behave the way you want.

Add Utilities to the Mix

Microsoft has published a set of Windows 8 Power Toys that you can download from its website that increases your control over the operating system. You can also search the Internet for third-party utilities that simplify the way Windows 8 works. The operating system has existed for a long time now, giving software developers a chance to create amazing add-ons that make Windows stronger than ever.

Your decision to buy Windows 8 doesn’t mean that you lose any functionality or power. Spend some time learning its core and advanced features and keyboard shortcuts to help you work quickly and efficiently. Get some utilities and add-ons to make the operating system look and feel they way you want and patiently learn all the amazing things Windows 8 has to offer. Before long, you’ll realize that Windows 8 has everything you need for work and personal productivity.