If you run any kind of business, then you know just how critical it is to provide all of your employees with dependable ways to identify themselves. That’s why it can be so genius to invest in a reliable and effective badge maker. The Javelin PRO Dual Sided Badge Maker can make a superb choice for businesses that need to make badges for their workers. This badge maker gives employees the chance to produce as many badges as they want, whenever they want. The ability to make badges can be a strong security measure for businesses as well. The easier it is for a business to gain access to badges for new hires, the easier it can be for it keep potential trespassers far away. If you’re a business owner, supervisor or manager who wants to be able to make as many name tags and ID badges as you need, a reliable ID badge printer is absolutely imperative.

Basic Printer Details

The Javelin PRO Dual Sided Badge Printer, as its name indicates, is capable of printing on two sides. Although there are also single sided Javelin PRO ID card printer options available, dual sided benefits can be highly advantageous. If you want the freedom of being able to print on two sides, this device can be a source of major convenience and ease. If you for whatever reason only need to print on a single side, this printer gives you the ability to do that as well. This printer prints in full colour and therefore is vital for businesses that want their company badges to be clear, vibrant and easy to see. It also offers WiFi printing benefits. People should be aware of printing techniques prior to using any printers. This printer offers both colour (dye sublimation) and mono (thermal transfer) options.

Helpful Security Components And Beyond

Security components can do wonders for businesses that want to keep their equipment safe and sound at all times. If you make the decision to invest in this convenient badge printer, you can tack on a cover lock if you want. A cover lock can be helpful for preventing others from getting access to the printer when you’re not around. You can also add on a hopper lock that can defend the product’s input hopper. This type of lock can also be an asset for people who want to keep potential tampering at bay. If you want to keep others’ hands off your badge printer when you’re not available to supervise them, these additional features can be extremely convenient. This Javelin PRO printer is appropriate for Server 2003 and 2008, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 7 and Vista. You can find additional resources by visiting Avon Security Products.