There are many benefits to using contractors and subcontractors for large-scale projects. Hiring responsible contractors and allowing them to handle the minutia is an essential skill for a business looking to minimize their costs and maximize their performance. However, it can be difficult to keep track of paperwork when dealing with this many parties. Therefore, many of the top firms have switched to using digital work report forms. This work form app allows firms to gather time sheets and track contractor hours in a cloud-based storage platform. The app can track billing for different clients, manage overtime hours and scheduling, and generate automated reports about key business metrics.

Tracking Time Sheets and More

Using a mobile form app to collect time sheets from contractors eliminates several annoyances of using paper time sheets. These digital time sheets can be edited by contractors from mobile and desktop, allowing them to keep accurate records for all work completed. Additionally, these digital work forms allow you to track work done for each client and monitor expenditures.

A mobile form app also allows workers to track their work times, sick days and other benefits all in one streamlined platforms. This reduces burden on human resources staff, freeing up their time for more value adding activities. Automated reports and tracking features allow management to make sure that key goals are met and problems are proactively resolved before a deadline is missed.

Automation Reduces Costs

The modern marketplace is incredibly competitive, and firms are looking for ways to reduce their costs while meeting performance standards. Technology firms and big data have helped us quantitively assess every aspect of our jobs, and there are big savings that can be realized by optimizing an employee’s work day. When spread across an entire divisions of employees in a world-wide corporation, the savings can add up to millions. Fedex tracks their drivers with GPS and other sensors, and this has allowed them to improve worker efficiency and deliver more packages per hour.

Fedex is a model of efficiency, and their success can be attributed to the rampant use of automation and computer monitoring. By implementing a mobile form app to track contractor progress, firms are taking one small step towards automating their processes and profiting from their extra free time. Say good bye to lost time sheets, overworked human resources staff, and late reports from contractors. Implementing a contractor work form app will allow a business to efficiently and effectively complete projects, bill clients and grow their bottom line. Learn more information at the ProntoForms website.